Escondido Business Owner Impacted by Flooding Worries for Storm Ahead

Just three weeks ago rain storm caused flooding and mudslides in the area

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Scott Lawn is the owner of Greenway, a landscape and irrigation business in Escondido.

His property sits right along a hillside behind the Pomorado Hospital.

Last month, during the last major rainstorm, the water made it inside his business, flooding it with up to 3 inches of water.

“It flooded the bathroom that’s over here behind you, it flooded this breezeway where we have the office, and out into the garage," he said.

Lawn and his employees fixed the damage.

“We had to drill holes and take down drywall, and remove carpet, just get it all cleaned up," he remembered.

Although he and his crews fixed the problem, he worries with more rain expected in the coming days, his property could flood again.

“Water is another thing, it goes where it’s going to,” he said.

Lawn’s biggest concern is mud coming down the hill, which is why he’s taken precautions to keep the water from further eroding his property.

“When I came down on that day of the big rainstorm there was a torrent pouring on that side of the access road about 3 feet wide and 1 foot deep. So, we simply diverted the water over to this side so it would come down and get into the drainage ditch on the opposite side and go into the riverbed down at the bottom,” Lawn said.

The rain didn’t only cause damage to his business. It also reached his neighbor’s home.

“It came down on this side of the street shot across the street and right into that poor gentlemen’s garage and house,” he said.

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