Eric Weddle to Take Over Rancho Bernardo HS Football Program

Former Chargers All-Pro will be the Broncos new head coach starting in 2023

For two years, Eric Weddle was hanging out in Poway, enjoying retirement by playing pickup basketball and coaching youth football. Then he entered a 6-week stretch unlike anything anyone has ever experienced.

The Rams had injury trouble and called Weddle to see if he was interested in returning for the playoffs. He did, started and played nearly every snap along the way, and won his first Super Bowl. After the game the former San Diego Chargers All-Pro safety said he’s retiring from football again.

But, he’s not leaving the game completely.

Weddle has agreed to be the head coach of the Rancho Bernardo High School football program. He’ll assist current head coach Tristan McCoy for the 2022 season then take over full-time starting in 2023.

This will not be the first stop on Eric’s coaching journey. He assisted with his son’s 12-U team in Rancho Bernardo and helped them win a championship. It stands to reason he probably talked to good friend Philip Rivers about the transition to coaching at the high school level.

Rivers just completed his first full season as the head coach at St. Michael Catholic in Alabama. Nobody would be surprised if the two former teammates arranged a game between their schools some time in the near future.

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