Environmental Benefits of Telecommuting

Telecommuting can save energy and reduce pollution

During NBC Universal’s Green Week it seemed only fitting to focus on a few ways people can help the environment.

One of the areas people can conserve energy is by being a telecommuter.

Those who work from home don’t necessarily know they are helping save energy, but there’s a lot of different reasons why telecommuting does Mother Nature a favor.

“Telecommuting and flexible schedules can offer some great benefits for the environment,” said Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of telecommuting comp FlexJobs.

She said by simply not commuting, workers reduce pollution.

“Commuting particularly has a huge element of gas consumption,” Fell said. “Many commuters will take twice as long during rush hour.”

The schedule flexibility also helps people make decisions that benefit the environment. Less paper is wasted, and people are more aware of their electricity use in the home versus the workplace.

“If you have a flexible schedule, very few people will choose to travel during those peak hours,” Fell said.

Fell herself telecommutes as a CEO and said FlexJobs lists a variety of green jobs open for application.

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