Energy-Saving Incentive Offered Tuesday

Reduce-Your-Use event gives credit to customers who cut back on electricity use

hot sunny day

In the hopes of going easy on strained electric grids on another hot summer day, SDG&E will be offering an incentive program to its customers on Tuesday.

The "Reduce Your Use" event offers eligible customers bill credit depending on how much energy they do away with.

Depending on how many kilowatts of energy are reduced, some customers could kick off several dollars from their next bill. Customers can sign up to participate online.

The event runs from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. SDG&E recommends raising central AC thermostats four to six degrees, running major appliances like dishwashers in the morning and at night, unplugging any appliances not in use and turning off pool pumps in the morning and at night.

Temperatures are expected to rise on Tuesday with temperatures in the deserts exceeding 100 degrees.

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