Encinitas Woman Says Amazon Driver is Prime Suspect in Dognapping

A neighbor's security camera spotted the driver leading the dog back to her car and driving off

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An Encinitas woman says an Amazon driver delivered a package to her doorstep, then stole her dog from the yard.

Denise Reppenhagen said her daughter came home about 30 minutes before her, said hello to the pups and closed the garage door. She didn't realize Finn was outside. By the time Reppenagen got home, her good boy was gone.

A neighbor's security camera spotted the driver headed back to her white Acura along with Finn, a Golden Retriever, after making the drop-off on Reppenhagen's stoop.

Finn, a dog whose owner says was stolen by an Amazon delivery driver.
Finn, a Golden Retriever whose owner says he was stolen by an Amazon delivery driver.

"We put up posters. I called all the shelters," Denise Reppenhagen said.

Two weeks went by without Finn, then Reppenhagen got a tip that suggested she check her neighbor's security cameras.

"The neighbor witnessed the Amazon driver arriving, delivering the package and then putting the dog in her car and driving away. So, then I checked my Amazon orders and I indeed had an order," Reppenhagen said.

Before taking off, the driver seemed to look back toward the property.

"I was in complete disbelief," Reppenhagen said. "I couldn't breathe. I literally couldn't breathe."

Reppenhagen said she immediately contacted Amazon and filed a report with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. Amazon confirmed the driver was delivering packages for the company at the time.

"Every day I'm calling the officer that's working on the case. I'm sending emails to Amazon," she said. "All I have is hope and patience and to just and pray and just have faith that he will be returned."

Amazon Spokesperson Branden Baribeau responded to NBC 7 about the situation: "This is a very serious situation and I want to offer our sincerest apologies to the Reppenhagen family. We’ve offered them our full support during this difficulty time, and we’ve suspended the driver involved in this incident pending the outcome of the investigation.”

The Sheriff’s Department says detectives are working on the case.

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