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Struggling Agriculture Industry in Encinitas Could Get Boost From Marijuana

In Encinitas, 65 percent of residents voted "yes" on Prop 64--the largest percentage in San Diego County

In a 4-1 vote, the Encinitas City Council has started the process to allow commercial marijuana growing in their city.

Encinitas, dubbed the flower capital of the world, sees an opportunity to keep their agricultural business alive.

The area, known for the poinsettia, has seen many flower and plant growers abandon their local greenhouses and take their businesses to Mexico and Costa Rica.

Many of the growers NBC 7 spoke to Thursday said they have had to evolve from growing their own plants to buying them from distributors.

But though times are tough, at least one business owner said she wouldn’t turn to growing pot.

“I spoke to my partner about that, and we came to the conclusion that we don't want to promote marijuana," said Linda Fox, owner of Glorious Gardens.

The push to create marijuana regulations comes after 65 percent of Encinitas residents voted "yes" on Prop 64--the largest percentage in San Diego County.

City council member Tasha Boerner Horvath said she conducted a survey of her own and 67 percent of those polled want a store front or delivery service of some kind for marijuana.

Cities and counties across the state have a deadline to implement their own marijuana regulations, or risk living by the state’s rules.

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