Encinitas Little League All-Stars Head to San Bernardino

All-Stars from Encinitas Little League will compete in the Little League West Regional this weekend

The All-Stars from Encinitas Little League traveled to San Bernardino Wednesday for the Little League West Regional.

Former Padres Trevor Hoffman and Randy Jones and the Padres Friar joined friends and family as they held a send-off at the team’s ballpark.

If the California District 31 team wins the tournament in San Bernardino, they will head to the Little League World Series.

“We're not focused on getting to a certain spot, we're focused on how were performing, controlling things that are under our own control, behaving with sportsmanship, being good competitors,” said coach Chaz Gagne.

“If we move on, that's great, but enjoying the tourney as we go,” he said.

Just last summer, the Eastlake All-Stars competed in the Little League World Series and earned the title of U.S. Little League Champion, falling just short of the world title with a 6-4 loss to Japan.

[G] Eastlake All-Stars' Little League World Series Journey

The Encinitas team's first game is Saturday, against Hawaii at 4:30 p.m.

The team is scheduled for four games through Wednesday. You can watch the games online on ESPN3.

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