Standoff Suspect’s Mother Begged for Help With Son: Court Docs

A restraining order describes Evan Kwik as a chronic drug user who threatened violence

As two San Diego County sheriff’s deputies recover from Wednesday’s shooting in Encinitas, court documents shed new light on the suspect who officials say took his own life.

"He's better off in jail than in a grave, please, please help me help him," Michelle Kwik wrote in her application for a temporary restraining order against son Evan.

The 22-year-old violated the order Wednesday when he entered his mother’s home on Del Rio Avenue in Encinitas.

When deputies entered the home just after 1 p.m., they tried to talk out the son who was believed to be hiding in a crawl space in the attic.

Based on statements the son made, deputies launched a non-lethal tear gas.

“Unfortunately the male returned fire, striking two deputies,” said Capt. Duncan Frasier from the San Diego County Sheriff’s Dept.

A standoff continued through the night until around 1:30 a.m. when robots were employed into the home. Shortly after, the suspect was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head officials said.

The restraining order application detailed several years of trouble for Evan Kwik. His mother told authorities her son had been addicted to black tar heroin for the last three years and would steal from family members to get the drug.

Watch Video: Encinitas Suspect Had Drug Problem

In the documents, Michelle Kwik said her son (pictured below) couldn’t hold a job for more than a week and described him as having extreme anxiety that caused him to drop out of junior high school and high school.

“We have been in contact with this young man in the past on some issues,” said Capt. Frasier.

While the restraining order application listed potential weapons as bear spray and knives, it does not list a gun.

Officials recovered a 12 gauge shotgun from the scene along with 30 shells in close proximity of the suspect's body.

Approximately 6 rounds were fired. Five of those rounds were fired at deputies officials said.

One pellet was found lodged in the couch of a neighbor.

“That just exemplifies just how dangerous the situation was,” Frasier said.

Deputy Colin Snodgrass, 27, was wounded in the right knee. Snodgrass underwent surgery Wednesday night and again Thursday afternoon at Scripps La Jolla.

"He had extensive damage to his knee area, the bone, the knee cap, the veins, artieries," said Sheriff Bill Gore.

Doctors won't know for sure what type of nerve damage was done for several days Gore said.

Deputy James Steinmeyer, 31, was wounded in the face and was treated and released last night. He is a three year veteran assigned to Encinitas substation.

The deputies did not return fire because they did not have a clear view of the subject and they were not sure that there weren’t other people in the home officials said.

Deputies had been called to the home three different times over the last four years including at least one call for vandalism.

There was no record of an arrest Frasier said.

Deputies were cautious about responding to the home on Del Rio Avenue because Evan had threatened to protect himself against them if needed according to the court document.

Michelle Kwik also stated, "the sheriffs have said he wants suicide by cop or they believe his reactions to their presence being so irrational and unpredictable, places them at risk."

“We do know that when he arrived back at the house today he was extremely upset and agitated about the fact that she had obtained a restraining order against him,” Frasier said.

Michelle Kwik is one of two nurses for the Encinitas Union School District.

The Deputy Sheriffs' Association of San Diego County has set up an account for Deputy Colin Snodgrass and his family through the San Diego County Credit Union, under "Deputy Colin Snodgrass Support Fund."

Contributions can be made at SDCCU branches or to the DSA Office in Poway.

The county’s hotline is available for anyone with mental health issues and operates 24/7 at 888-724-7240.

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