Emergency Landing at Lindbergh Field

The plane landed safely

The UNLV Women’s basketball team is recovering from a scary flight to San Diego.

They're playing the Aztecs on Saturday, but Friday evening they had to make an emergency landing at Lindbergh Field because smoke filled the cockpit.

“I honestly felt like I was going to die. That's just how I felt,” UNLV Lady Rebel Danielle Miller said.
Shooting guard and San Diego native, Danielle Miller, says Southwest Flight 2463 was the scariest of her life.

“The captain gets on the intercom and says we're about to prepare for an emergency landing. That's when I started bawling in the back of the plane,” said Miller.

The flight from Vegas to San Diego was supposed to land at 4:20 p.m. On their final descent, the UNLV players saw smoke in the cabin

“It wasn't thick.  It was just smoke.  The fact that smoke was coming out of the vents, put everybody.... like what was going on?” UNLV Lady Rebel Markiell Styles said.

Center, Markiell Styles, says the plane lost pressure and dropped suddenly.

“I went to grab my phone to call people and I looked around and I saw everybody grabbing their phones to call people,” Video Coordinator Chris Sheldrick said.

Seconds later, they touched down without incident

“The whole cabin clapped and we were just so relieved and I was just so excited to be on the ground,” Styles said.

The team is now trying to rest up for Saturday’s game against the Aztecs.

“I'm just ready to get in bed, go to sleep and focus up for tomorrow because it's a big game,” Styles said.

Lindbergh Field officials didn't release a statement because the plane landed without incident.

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