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Elon Musk Denies One America News CEO's Claim That Billionaire Wants to Discuss Buying San Diego-Based Network

Musk replied directly to the tweet just 10 minutes later with a brief reply, "Only Twitter"

A claim made Thursday by San Diego-based One America News' CEO that Elon Musk is seeking to buy the network was quickly refuted by Musk in a tweet.

Robert Herring tweeted Thursday morning, "We just received a call from somebody very close to @elonmusk telling us that he would like to talk to us about purchasing @OANN."

Musk replied directly to the tweet just 10 minutes later with a brief reply, "Only Twitter."

Herring's Thursday tweet was the first since an April 25 post celebrating Musk's agreement to buy the social media platform, which reads, "Let freedom ring! Thank you @elonmusk."

The conservative network was dropped by its carrier DirecTV earlier this year, which prompted it to sue AT&T for alleged breach of contract.

False posts were spreading on social media that said Elon Musk fired the Board at Twitter. Those posts were easily debunked, though — here's how MediaWise campus correspondent Loren Miranda did it.

OAN's lawsuit alleges AT&T Board Chairman William Kennard sought to "destroy Herring and silence OAN" amid the network's reporting of election fraud claims stemming from the 2020 Presidential Election. The network alleged a conflict of interest occurred because Kennard serves as a member of the Executive Board of Directors of Staple Street, which is the majority owner of Dominion Voting Systems.

The voting system company sued OAN last year for defamation, alleging the network proliferated falsehoods that the company's vote-counting machines had a role in rigging the election.

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