Ellen Gives Camp Pendleton Couple Surprise Homecoming in Time for Birth of Third Child

Ellen DeGeneres surprised Ashley Carter with an early homecoming for her husband, U.S. Marine Steve Carter, who was deployed for 6 months

An expectant mother and military wife based at Camp Pendleton was given the ultimate surprise by Ellen DeGeneres: an early homecoming for her husband -- just in time to see their third child born.

Ellen DeGeneres picked Ashley Carter from her audience to help with a magic trick on Monday’s episode, with guest magician Jon Dorenbos.

Carter told Ellen she was supposed to be induced to deliver her baby a day before the show but pushed the date back to be a part of the show’s audience.

“That’s a fan. That’s dedication. That’s the kind of fan I like,” said DeGeneres.

Carter also told Ellen that her husband has been deployed for six months while she takes care of the couple’s two children, ages 8 and 2, with another baby on the way.

After being a part of a card trick performed by Dorenbos, the magician told Carter that the magic is not in the playing cards but within Ellen.

“We know your husband’s deployed and we know he’s going to miss the birth of your child, but this is where Ellen can make the real magic happen. So, I’ve never done anything this big, but I think we can make something happen,” said Dorenbos.

Dorenbos told Carter to turn around to face a tall, black box. Suddenly, the doors to the box opened and Carter’s husband, U.S. Marine Steve Carter, walked out in his Marine uniform. Ashley Carter started to cry and the couple shared a long hug.

DeGeneres interviewed the couple and Steve Carter told Ellen that his wife is his superhero.

“She’s the superstar. It’s easier for me to go and deploy because I do a lot of training for it. She’s back here doing hard stuff. She’s taking care of the kids, she’s going to school and she’s been doing this pregnancy by herself. She’s my superhero,” said Steve Carter.

At the end of the interview, Ellen surprised the couple with a check for $50,000.

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