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Elevated Lead Levels Found in Water at 2 Elementary Schools: SDUSD

The San Diego Unified School District announced Friday that drinking water samples taken at two elementary schools revealed lead levels above the district's standard.

Samples taken at Perkins Elementary School in Barrio Logan and Clay Elementary School in Rolando Village found lead levels above the district's 5 parts per billion (ppb) action level in multiple drinking fountains and faucets, according to a Nov. 1 report.

The district said it would immediately secure the sources of the tainted water until further testing confirms the problem has been fixed.

Tainted sources at Clay Elementary include three auditorium fountains (14.51 ppb, 10.5 ppb and 8.34 ppb), a classroom faucet (10.64 ppb), and two classroom fountains (5.33 ppb and 5.21 ppb).

At Perkins Elementary, elevated lead levels were found in an administrative building faucet (6.71 ppb) and a drinking fountain in a portable classroom (6 ppb).

The district's 5 ppb action level is the lowest among districts in the state and matches the Food and Drug Administration's standard for bottled water.

Earlier this month, the district shut off the water at Fletcher Elementary School in Linda Vista after elevated lead levels were found.

More information about the district's water sampling process can be found here

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