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Elementary Students in Poway Unified Return to in Classroom Learning

Some students in the Poway Unified School District returned to the classroom now that some restrictions in Southern California have been lifted

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Some elementary school students in the Poway Unified School District returned to classroom learning Monday now that California has eased some restrictions in its Stay-at-Home order, but it remains to be seen how many students will be back in their seats.

One parent in the district told NBC 7 that a lot has changed in Poway since the pandemic began. 

Jessica McClure-Kuhar said now, most of the parents she knows know someone who has had COVID-19 and that is shifting perspectives about how to best educate students in the ever-changing pandemic.

“I feel that the conversations now are not as cut and dry as they were before," she said. "Before, everyone was like either my kids not going to school, or yes they are. Now it's like well what can I do to accommodate if my child doesn't go back to school?"

Students who are returning to campus will spend a half-day in the classroom and the other half-day virtually learning at home.

McClure-Kuhar's son Zachary is a third grader and has dyslexia, so her preference has been for him to go into the classroom.

“For him in particular, the on-campus element allowed for him to have a little bit more hands-on, and accountability where the teacher could work with him more one-on-one,” said McClure-Kuhar.

That is not without concern as COVID-19 cases are climbing in Poway once again.

McClure-Kuhar is a classroom ambassador, and said she feels "definitely more trepidation than we had before because that bubble is getting closer.”

She is grateful for all of the teachers who have put so much creative energy into virtual classroom learning.

“They are just as torn," she said. "You know, obviously they want to be there for their kids.”

Ultimately, McClure-Kuhar said she understands some have health concerns and should be able to opt out of teaching indoors.

Dozens of young Poway Unified School District Students have returned to in-person learning. NBC 7’s Audra Stafford speaks with students and parents.

“I would hope they have the luxury of making the choice for their own sake,” she added.

She feels the district, parents, teachers, and students are doing the best they can with the ever-evolving information about the virus.

“Knowing that, we're always trying to do what's best," McClure-Kuhar said.

But that best may be a moving target in the age of COVID-19.

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