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Elementary School Turns Book Pickup Into a Pick-Me-Up for Students and Staff

Discovery Charter will begin the school year with distance learning.

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The music blared from speakers while people waved pom poms at passing cars.

It was more of a party Thursday. Not so much a back-to-school materials pickup at Discovery Charter Elementary School in Chula Vista.

“We thought it’d be just a quick pickup, but this is very moving,” said Silvano Leyva, whose 5-year-old daughter is beginning kindergarten Monday.

“This is a representation of how much we miss our kids,” said Discovery’s Associate Principal Nestor Espinoza.

Instead of simply handing school materials to cars that waited in long lines, Espinoza and the faculty had them serpentine across the school blacktop to pick up bags, gifts, and eventually school materials.

“Our kids need to feel loved, cared for, and they feel excited that we’re going to see them through a screen, but they need to know we are here,” said Espinoza.

“It was a little emotional for me,” said Abi Leyva.

“They really made it special for all the kids,” added Silvano Leyva.

However, Espinoza admitted the faculty needed this, too.

“This has been a really tough time. As educators, I don’t think anyone was ready to take this on,” he said while holding a green pom pom. “Today is equally about us filling our cups, filling our hearts.”

“They put so much effort into it,” said Silvano Leyva. “You can tell teachers really care here.”

The Leyvas said they understand they’ll play a large role in their daughter’s distance learning.

“It gives us a better opportunity as parents to get more involved in education,” Abi Leyva said.

Discovery Charter is a part of the Chula Vista Elementary School District. CVESD announced several weeks ago it would start the school year August 31 with distance learning. The district’s website said students will remain at home until local COVID-19 data supports a phased reopening.

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