Election 2020

Election Sends Voters On Emotional Rollercoaster Of Anxiety

Americans say the election is a significant source of stress in their lives

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The lack of a clear winner so far in the race for president, which has been one of the most contentious in history, is sending some voters on an emotional, anxiety-filled rollercoaster.

Whether Democrat or Republican, the election has been triggering for San Diego voters. Many of them used the same word to express their feelings: stressful.

That stress is amplified for San Diego transplant Nelli Garton because she was born in the battleground state of Wisconsin. A friend she was with at Waterfront Park in the Embarcadero was from Michigan.

Garton said watching the 2020 election returns come in has echoes of 2016.

“I literally got hives,” Gaston laughed. “For us, it has absolutely almost been PTSD the last two days.”

The soothing fountains at Waterfront Park and conversation with her friends that she meets with regularly are providing some post-election tranquility.

"I decided to come out with my family and spend some quality time and try to relax, ease out the anxiety,” said Abdi Nasir.

Though Nasir is trying to relieve his stress, like Garton, he’s having a tough time untethering from his phone.

“I’m worried about what the results are going to be taking longer than usual. I think there is anxiety, especially this election," he said.

Garton said she's in “text chains flying between family members asking, ‘are you seeing this? Did you get this result? This is critically important.'"

Nationwide, Americans have expressed their anxieties related to the 2020 presidential election. NBC 7’s Steven Luke shares what some locals have said.

Research from the American Psychological Association found 68% of Americans say the election is a significant source of stress in their lives, up from 52% in 2016.

 “Yes! Too many things about the elections,” said Danila Adundic when asked if she’d been checking her phone. “People are talking about Trump, Biden. I don't want to check it. It's too much. I trust in God and know he has everything under control."

Greg Allen knows the feeling, but he's using history as his guide to help calm his nerves.

"America has survived presidents, she's survived a good president, she’s survived attacks from without and from within. I think no matter who wins they're going to have a heck of a job to unite people," Allen said.

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