El Cerrito Ranked No. 1 Neighborhood in Nation to Become Hot

Hey, El Cerrito, a real estate brokerage firm thinks you’re about to be hot. Real hot.

RedFin, a Seattle-based real estate company with agents in 25 locations across the nation, ranked the San Diego spot as the No. 1 neighborhood in the nation to become hot in 2015.

El Cerrito, near San Diego State University, doesn’t usually grab headlines for being trendy, but Redfin described it as a “relatively undiscovered jewel of a neighborhood.” In a news release, the firm said affordability has a lot to do with its high ranking.

“As prices continue to rise in the popular neighborhoods on the east side of San Diego, many first-time homebuyers are getting priced out of places like Kensington and North Park,” the news release said.

The median sale price for a home in El Cerrito is $320,000, less than half of the median price for a Point Loma home, for instance, which is $760,000.

Real estate agents said they determined the ranking by taking into account the number of page views on its site of homes in each neighborhood, home favorites and the number of “hot” homes in each neighborhood.

The ranking also drew from insight from real estate agents in San Diego on which areas buyers are increasingly targeting.

“El Cerrito has a good mix of recently updated, yet still affordable, homes and some pockets of extreme affordability that are drawing in developers and investors,” the news release said.

Ranked second in the nation is the Dickinson Narrows area of Philadelphia and third is East Atlanta in Atlanta.

Here’s the remainder of the list:

4. Little Neck (Queens, New York)
5. Bohemia (Long Island, New York)
6. Curtis Park (Sacramento, California)
7. Andersonville (Chicago, Illinois)
8. Woodridge (Seattle, Washington)
9. Crocker (San Francisco, California)
10. Woodridge (Washington, D.C.)

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