Missing El Cajon Man Found

Police say the missing elderly man claimed to have fallen down a hillside

A missing 67-year-old man from El Cajon has been found. Edward Barber went missing Tuesday night after he called the police to tell them he was lost and unsure of his surroundings.

El Cajon Police received a call from Barber at around 7:30 p.m. Tuesday. Barber told police he had gotten lost on his way home from dinner at the restaurant North Second Street in El Cajon. He claimed to have run off the roadway, exited his car and fallen down a hillside.

Barber was found shortly after his vehicle was discovered by Aerial Support to Regional Enforcement Agencies at 11:40 a.m. Wednesday. A search party was mobilized to find him within a 1-mile radius of his car. Sheriff's Search and Rescue volunteers found Barber alive two hours later nearly a quarter-mile from his car. He was located north of Singing Hills Memorial Park. Barber was responsive when volunteers found him.

Sheriff's ASTREA helicopter is rescuing him and will fly him to Singing Hills Memorial Park where an ambulance is waiting to take Mr. Barber to a hospital.

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