American Flags Vandalized in El Cajon

On Veterans Day, Scoutmaster Laurence Ashbacher and his Boy Scout Troop 362 placed flags along Main Street in El Cajon in honor of U.S. military veterans. More than a dozen of the flags were later vandalized in an act Ashbacher said felt "like a kick to the stomach."

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Laurence Ashbacher
Scoutmaster Laurence Ashbacher, who helps lead Troop 362, said the troop placed 170 American flags in to drilled holes in the sidewalk along Main Street Friday in honor of Veterans Day.
Laurence Ashbacher
A suspected vandal walked down the street on Nov. 11 and broke the poles to 13 of the American flags.
Laurence Ashbacher
The flags went flying into the street, where some were then ran over by cars.
Laurence Ashbacher
Ashbacher said the vandalism happened along one stretch of Main Street in El Cajon just after 8 a.m. on Nov. 11.
Laurence Ashbacher
One man was arrested for the vandalism.
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