Locals Catch Glimpse of Solar Eclipse

Astronomers gathered at Sycamore Canyon Park to see the much-anticipated solar eclipse


Families and amateur astronomers made the trek up to Sycamore Canyon Park Sunday to view the much-anticipated solar eclipse.

“It's kind of unique to see a real celestial phenomenon,” said Kin Searcy with the San Diego Astronomy Association.

With the association's help, the public was able to get an up-close view of the sun being partially blocked by the moon.

Telescopes were fitted with special filters, to get great views of dark spots that were cool zones on the sun.

"Big astronomical events are just fun. it's fun to get out here and with the people and see something that is rare," said Point Loma resident Judith Coker.

San Diego didn't get the best view. The folks in Northern California got to see the so-called "ring of fire."

"It wasn't a total ring around the sun like I wanted to have seen. But we're not in the right location," said Escondido resident Greggory Moraros.

People learned a lot about solar eclipses and they're already getting excited about the next event, which happens at the beginning of June, when Venus passes between the earth and the sun.

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