Eat Pie, Raise Money for Charity

Fill your belly and help charity

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Delight your guests and help your community by purchasing your holiday pies from Mama's Kitchen this Thanksgiving.

Mama's Kitchen is local organization dedicated to delivering prepared meals to people with terminal illnesses.

"[We are] here to serve people with HIV, AIDS, or cancer, who are physically or mentally unable to prepare their own meal and are vulnerable to hunger," said Alberto Cortés, Executive Director of Mama's Kitchen.

The meal program is celebrating its 20th year serving clients in the community. Mama's Kitchen was founded in 1990 when a group of volunteers realized that people with AIDS were dying from malnutrition long before their bodies were overcome by the disease, according to their website.

"It's fundraisers like our "Pie in the Sky" event that make it possible for us to provide the services that we do," Cortés said.

The pies come in several different flavors including Apple, Pumpkin, sugar-free Apple, and Pecan. The pies will be made by more than 20 different bakers from across San Diego County.

Each pie is $20 with $15 of it being tax deductible. The pies can be ordered at most local Well Fargo Banks and from individual sellers. The pies will available for pick up on Wednesday, Nov. 24, and can be ordered up until Nov. 21.

If you buy a pie for a client of Mama's kitchen, you will be entered into a drawing airline tickets from Southwest Airlines for anywhere they fly.

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