East Village Preparing for Neighborhood Sign

Business association hopes to have it by 2015


Downtown neighborhood East Village is beginning the process of placing a neighborhood sign across one of its streets.

The East Village Business Association is collecting final submissions Thursday night for proposals of a large entry sign that will let visitors know they are in the East Village neighborhood.

The sign, which will be similar to that of North Park or Hillcrest, will adorn the community that covers 130 blocks. East Villages includes Petco Park and the latest development, the Central Library.

But many people still consider this area the Gaslamp.

“People refer to the ballpark in the Gaslamp, but it’s in East Village,” said David Hazan from the East Village Business Association. “If you go to other cities they have signs that brand various neighborhoods, for instance corner signs a lot of blocks.”

The neighborhood formed the bid for the project two years ago and will pay for the sign by fundraising.

The areas the EVBA is considering to place the sign is either F Street near the westbound 94 freeway, or 10th Street after people get off southbound highway 163.

“It’s a great idea,” said East Village resident David Beck. “It gives neighborhood identity, a place people could point to, relate to entrance of neighborhood.”

Businesses in the East Village say it could help create an identity for the neighborhood bringing in more money to the area.
“It’s a growing area, the more people the better,” said one of the merchants at Village 631. “It’s a great idea for business. Define us as up and coming.”

The business association hopes to unveil the sign during the 2015 Balboa Centennial.

“East Village needs branding, deserves branding,” said Hazan. “It’s a unique area, we need to tell people what we are all about--always been an eclectic area for arts, entertainment and education."

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