East County Recreational Areas Expecting Large Holiday Crowds

Santee Lakes isn't accepting reservations for picnic areas in an effort to discourage large crowds

people walking path at Santee Lakes

As a warm three day weekend kicks off across San Diego County, some people are choosing to stay closer to home and avoid the congested beach areas.

This will likely mean an influx of visitors at Santee Lakes where families are encouraged to gather while staying at least six feet apart.

"We've never been here before so that's why we chose this spot and not the beach cause the beach i feel like is crowded right now" said Atenas Bedolla.

Bedolla and a group of her extended family members showed up early Friday to grab a spot along the lake.

The lake normally offers reservations for day use picnic areas, but in an effort to discourage large groups from gathering stopped the reservation process.

Picnic spots are open on a first come, first serve basis.

While San Diego County Health Officials discourage gatherings between people who don't live together, Bedolla said her family chose to get together because it has been several months since they've been together.

"We communicated with everyone like 'hey we're all ok', families are all good, we figured why not, shouldn't be that bad, we hope" said Bedolla.

A sign at the entrance of Santee Lakes tells people not to enter if they have Covid-19 symptoms.

It also says facial covering possession and 6-foot physical distancing will be enforced.

Playgrounds are closed and visitors were told to leave to one space between vehicles when parking.

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