Earthquake Survivor: It's a Miracle My Family Lived

A local student was visiting family in Haiti when the earthquake hit

With smiles on their faces the mood at the United Methodist church was joyous and hopeful, despite a tremendous tragedy.

18 days after a devastating earthquake members of the Haitian Methodist Mission held a big benefit concert Saturday night.

One Grossmont College student was visiting family in Haiti when the 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the country.

“All of a sudden I felt the house shaking,” 19-year-old Nerly Victor said.

She says it's a miracle no one in her immediate family was killed.

“All of our neighbors were screaming and crying,” Victor said.

Help for Haiti: Where You Can Donate 

Life remains a struggle for many Haitians; something Victor doesn't want others to forget.

“Haiti needs a lot of help right now, despite all the help they are getting right now, it's never enough,” Victor said. “Even though this happened, God has a bigger plan for Haiti and everything is going to be alright.”

Members of the Haitian congregation say they're relying on the power of prayer and their faith to get them through this tough time.

If you'd like to make donations through Christ United Methodist Church, you can go to their website

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