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E-Scooter Ridership in San Diego Increases As Gas Prices Soar

Gas prices in San Diego County continue to be higher than in other parts of the country – on Saturday, the average price of a gallon was $5.74

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On a busy weekend downtown, high gas prices had some San Diegans opting for more affordable options instead like e-bikes or e-scooters. 

“Taking the Bird today was something new that we tried,” said Corey Splan. 

Splan, a first-time Bird rider, says he spent the afternoon e-scootering several miles.

“Lots of other people were riding birds too probably because gas prices are so high,” added Justine Garcia. 

The e-scooter company Bird confirmed ridership has increased in recent weeks. They provided a statement to NBC 7 reading in part: 

“We are working around the clock in San Diego to meet demand and to ensure our service continues to be ready when and where it is needed during this time.” 

The e-scooter company Lime shared that they’ve seen a 30-35% increase in ridership just this week in comparison with last. 

They say it’s correlated to those prices at the pump. 

“Gas is approaching six bucks,” said Connor Murphy, the owner of a large GMC suburban. 

Murphy says to fill up his 28 gallon tank, it costs more than $150. 

“I don’t even want to spend all the money to fill it to the top…because I’m thinking more weight in the gas tank, that’s going to lower my MPG,” said Murphy. 

Murphy just purchased an e-bike to get around town instead. 

“Loving the e-bike because I’m able to bounce around town…I went from Claremont to La Jolla in less than an hour,” he said. 

It’s an efficient, economic and eco-friendly option he says others will likely consider too as prices continue to rise.

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