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During Thursday's Great Shakeout, San Diegans Will Prep for the ‘Big One'

Families are encouraged to practice earthquake drills together and discuss what plans they have for when disaster strikes

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The Great California Shakeout has returned to help residents prepare for the next big earthquake.

It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

A large earthquake is bound to hit San Diego County someday, according to experts, and Southern Californians should be prepared with a disaster plan and emergency kit for whenever the unthinkable strikes.

To help get ready for when the "Big One" hits, the Great ShakeOut is back – as it always is on the third Thursday of October – and everyone is being reminded what to do when an earthquake occurs: drop, cover and hold on. Cue the high tech:

When an earthquake hits, regardless of where you are, do you really know what to do first? “California Live” talks to a certified emergency manager who gives specific directions for what to do the moment the ground shakes to how to use your emergency kit. Watch and find out exactly what to do whether you’re at home, outside, or in your car.

"Earthquake Warning California is the country’s first publicly available, statewide warning system that could give California residents crucial seconds to take cover before you feel shaking," according to Earthquake.CA.Gov.

Californians can sign up for the MyShake App to receive a test earthquake warning. The free app is available at Apple App and Google Play. Wireless no-cost text messages for emergency situations alerts are also available.

The California Office of Emergency Services said state residents can register to participate in the Great California ShakeOut Drill here.

Also, families are encouraged to have a disaster plan and emergency kit ready to go, and also practice earthquake drills together.

In 2020, a San Diego Earthquake Scenario revealed how devastating it would be if a magnitude 6.9 earthquake were to strike along the Rose Canyon Fault.

The Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, which simulated the disaster, said they studied the Rose Canyon fault because it runs along the urban core of America’s Finest City. Their study found that about 120,000 buildings would be damaged in such a temblor.

Researchers found that coastal communities from La Jolla to Silver Strand could be cut off from nearly all utility services and infrastructures if a major 6.9-magnitude earthquake were to happen.

Elizabeth Chavolla
This bag includes scissors, bandages, gauze, insurance cards, cut and rash creams, antiseptic cream, antihistamine tablets, cough syrup, alcohol towels, eye drops and distilled water.
Elizabeth Chavolla
Perhaps the most important tool in an emergency situation is the whistle, as this will help rescue teams find you.
American Red Cross
It is important that each member of your family has their own backpack. Each backpack should include everything that is mentioned on this list. Seniors, babies and pets must have their own backpack. If you have a pet, prepare a backpack with food and toys.
Elizabeth Chavolla
The poncho will keep you dry and protect you from rain. Also have a change of thermal clothing.
Elizabeth Chavolla
In a plastic bag, put soap, toothpaste, a toothbrush, deodorant, cotton, cleaning towels, lotion, disposable tissues, razors and feminine towels.
These lenses are used for protecting your eyes from dust and other hazards.
Elizabeth Chavolla
In a plastic bag include a copy of your identification, license, passport and social security.
Elizabeth Chavolla
One gallon of water per person is recommended, so that you have water for at least 3 to 5 days.
Elizabeth Chavolla
Be sure to pack one or two chargers for your phone, as well as portable chargers that can be pre-charged and ready to use while on the go.
Elizabeth Chavolla
All food you keep must be food that is not perishable. Do not forget to include a can opener.
Elizabeth Chavolla
It is important to have a flashlight in your emergency backpack, but also in every room of your home, given that a natural disaster can occur at any time. Make sure you have enough batteries.
Elizabeth Chavolla
It is important to have a self-charging radio and to have batteries for it. You can buy a radio combo, which includes flashlight, radio and phone charger.
Elizabeth Chavolla
These elements are necessary to close the gas supply in your home.
Elizabeth Chavolla
If you have a medical history, include a list of your medicines and have enough doses for one week.
Elizabeth Chavolla
Keep cash in your bag. In case of a major emergency, there will be no access to banks or ATMs.

School drills are back this year -- so it might be a good idea to make your students aware of what to be prepared for.

According to Shakeout.org, 7,087,724 participants were registered in the 2021 Great California ShakeOut as of 8:15 p.m. on Tuesday night. Nearly 530,000 of them are San Diego residents.