Chula Vista

DUI Suspect Slams Into Bar in Chula Vista, 2 People Hurt

After running a red light and colliding with another driver, police said the driver slammed into The Manhattan, a sports bar on Broadway


Two people inside a bar in Chula Vista were hurt Wednesday night when a DUI suspect ran a red light and then plowed into the business, police confirmed.

Chula Vista Police Department Lt. Gino Grippo told NBC 7 two cars crashed into one another at the intersection of Broadway and G Street at around 8:20 p.m., just east of Interstate 5.

Grippo said one of the drivers – a woman suspected of driving under the influence – ran a red light as she traveled south on Broadway, causing the crash at the intersection. That same driver then slammed into the side of The Manhattan, a local sports bar, also on Broadway.

The lieutenant said two people inside the bar suffered minor injuries.

Grippo also said the crash caused some damage to the building – including a hole in one of the walls. The impact also caused the business to temporarily lose power and gas.

The DUI suspect was arrested at the scene.

The other driver who was involved in the crash at the intersection was taken to a local hospital with minor injuries.

Grippo said a building inspector would be called to take a look at the business and evaluate the full extent of the damage.

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