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Driver Says Taxi Was Hit by BB Gun Near San Diego Airport

A taxi driver says he is lucky he wasn't hurt after getting shot at with a BB gun while he was working.

Habutemu Yohannes told NBC 7 he had just dropped off a customer at their hotel and was on his way back to the San Diego Airport Wednesday night when the BB hit his windshield.

Yohannes said he feels targeted for being a taxi driver and is frustrated because he is just trying to make a living in his green and white taxi.

"We are serving people here, we are transporting people from the airport to the hotel or their home," he said. 

Yohannes said he was passing by the County Administration Building on North Harbor Drive when he heard something hit his windshield.

"There was a loud noise like, ‘boom’ and suddenly I stopped to see if there was somebody around there. But I could not find anybody,” he said.

The BB damaged his windshield and he had it replaced right away -- you can still see the blue tape on the new windshield – but Yohannes is glad it didn’t cause more damage.

He’s back to work, in a different taxi for now, but says he doesn't know why someone would target cab drivers.

"We are just peaceful people so why are they are trying to harm us?” he said.

Yohannes says this is the second time his cab has been shot at by a BB gun. He was shot at while he was working near the airport in December.

He filed a report for the most recent incident with the Harbor Police Department and says investigators are checking if there is surveillance video that spots the shooter.

It is unclear if this BB gun shooting is related to the rash of dozens of recent BB shootings around the county.

The police departments involved are working together to see if these crimes are all connected. No one has been arrested in those cases.

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