Driver Plows Into Lakeside Home

People were inside the home on Castle Court Drive and Los Coches Road but they were not hurt

Lakeside residents were jolted late Thursday night when a driver plowed into their home – the second time something like this has happened there.

The crash happened around 11 p.m. at a house on Castle Court Drive and Los Coches Road. A family was inside the home but fortunately, no one was hurt.

Officials said the 19-year old driver lost control of his car, flipped over and slammed into the side of the home.

A driver plowed through a stop sign and into a home in Lakeside, damaging the property. The driver was taken to the hospital; no one inside the home was hurt. NBC 7’s Liberty Zabala reports.

"And all of a sudden, we just saw all this dirt, and we heard it," said Heather Cannon, who has been renting the home with her family. "And I was like 'oh my god' and we went and looked and the car was just flipped."

Investigators said the driver somehow drove over a stop sign before slamming into the wall of the house. In the process, the driver also struck a brand-new car parked in the home’s driveway.

He was taken to a local hospital.

The crash caused heavy damage to the property; a bedroom wall was destroyed and the impact moved furniture inside.

Cannon told NBC 7 her mother and grandmother were inside the home during the crash, but were in other rooms not impacted by the collision. She said that in August, another driver crashed into the house in a similar manner.

But in January, Cannon says she and her family had moved out of their own home about a block away because a tree had crashed through it during the El Nino storms.

"We had a massive massive pine tree in the back yard, about taller than a semi is long, 80-feet tall at least," she said. "And just the winds ripping through and it just took the tree and bam, smashed the house."

Cannon says they will continued to live in the house until the repairs are finished on their own home down the block.

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