La Mesa

Drive-Thru Donation Being Held for Business Targeted in La Mesa Looting

A Play it Again Sports store in the La Mesa Springs Shopping Center days after looters and rioters ransacked its shelves and set fires inside.

To help one local business that was targeted by looters during the civil unrest last month in La Mesa, a donation drive-thru will be held Wednesday morning.

The Play It Again Sports retailer in La Mesa was damaged by looters in early June and is working to rebuild from the aftermath.

On May 30, tensions began to rise between La Mesa police officers and protesters who held a demonstration in wake of the killing of George Floyd to call for racial equity. As the evening progressed, stores were lit ablaze by vandals and looters and several were damaged, including Play It Again Sports.

To keep donors safe amid the novel coronavirus, a drive-thru that enables social distancing will be held and donations will be collected from the trunk of participating vehicles at the donation drop-off.

San Diegans who are feeling generous are asked to donate gently used sporting goods in the donation drive-thru. The donation will be held until 10 a.m. at the Play It Again Sports location in La Mesa on University Avenue.

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