Imperial Beach

‘Dragon House' in Imperial Beach Turning Heads

A 15-foot metal sculpture stands guard on Citrus Avenue in Imperial Beach

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Dr. Jon Franks of Imperial Beach says he's always had a fascination with dragons. And he's taken his love of the creatures to an extraordinary level.

"Dragons are mystical, they're cool," said Franks.

Franks had the 15-foot metal dragon sculpted in Rosarito, Mexico, and now he proudly displays it at his home on the corner of Citrus Avenue and Corvina Street in Imperial Beach.

"It’s funny when the dogs first approach it, they see it as a predator and the dogs are squirmy, but people all love it," Dr. Franks said.

He won't reveal what he paid for the menacing sculpture but says it was between $2 to $4,000 dollars.

Neighbors don't seem to mind the dragon and say it's become somewhat of a tourist attraction.

"There are so many people that stop by all the time and take pictures, most of the time, people ask questions, ask when it was installed, we love it. It's cool. You don’t see anything like it around here," Rob Boatright, a neighbor said.

Photos: ‘Dragon House’ in Imperial Beach

Franks concedes, not everyone is fond of his dragon, but it's grown on people.

"I look at it as art. Weird art, but art," Dr. Franks said.

He may not be done with the artwork. Dr. Franks said someday he'd like to add a 7-foot Sir Lancelot with a sword fighting the dragon. He's saving up the money.

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