Costco Now Offering Online Grocery Delivery

Forget the lines! Costco is now offering home delivery of groceries.  

The move comes in an effort to get a leg up in the competition now that Amazon has merged with Whole Foods. 

“If I’m able to go online and get my groceries delivered to the house, why not use it?” said shopper Miranda Davis Friday. 

For orders over $75, Costco is offering two-day delivery of dry groceries as well as a same-day delivery service for fresh food groceries. 

Costco is partnering up with Instacart, an online and mobile delivery service. For about $6 you can opt to have a person shop for you and deliver it where ever you are. 

“Online delivery is great,” said shopper Nick Cutbirth “There’s a lot of stuff I could just get delivered to the house instead of getting through those lines, which are crazy inside.” 

Costco’s shares have been struggling on the stock market, down six percent Friday. Online delivery could put them in a more competitive position with companies like Amazon and Walmart. 

But some shoppers said they enjoy the experience of Costco, like trying the free samples in the store, eating lunch there and browsing the aisles. 

“There’s things in the store you might not know you want to buy until you’re walking down the aisles,” said local shopper Merry Cohen. “You might like a shirt you pass by or a food sample you try.”  

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