Census Bureau: Help Wanted

Mass hiring event attracts nearly 100

The Census Bureau is getting ready for the 2010 count.  Positions are available ranging from clerical, canvassers, to management jobs. 

Wednesday afternoon, applicants took an aptitude test before they can qualify for a second interview. Gerry Diaz hopes to fill one of the 1,000 positions available.  He moved back to Tijuana after getting laid off as a case worker in San Diego.

"I would like to live here in San Diego, but right now because of my economic situation I have to live there, unfortunately, i don't like to be there because there is a lot of vioence," Diaz said as he walked into the San Diego Workforce Partnership this afternoon.

Dozens of people stood in line. They are laid off car salesmen, mortgage brokers, or restaurant employees. All of them victims of the economy.

"Especially in the field that I am in -- car salesman.  Also I'm a real estate agent, but there is no jobs for that either.  People are not buying cars," said Fransico Valenzuela.

Those who get the job will start in March.  The bureau will hold several more job fairs in the coming weeks.

For more information you can apply online, or call (866) 861-2010

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