Dozens Gather For Surfer's Memorial at Swami's State Beach

Joy Froding's spirit was felt by her friends Thursday night.

“I'm so sorry! I feel her all around,” Nancy Spalenka said as she hugged Joy’s boyfriend, Mark.
Dozens of people gathered for a memorial in Joy’s honor at Swami's Beach: The same place she rode her last wave Monday before succumbing to heart trouble.

“Even if it wasn’t sunny and you sat next to Joy you got warm," said her boyfriend Mark.

Mark and Joy met 10 years ago at Swami's Beach. As he taught her to surf their relationship blossomed.

“We always loved each other and our time at the beach was the best time," Mark told NBC7.

Joy was a 57-year-old Oregon transplant who became a staple of the Swami's surf community a decade ago.

Nancy Spalenka posted a picture of Joy showing how she always lived up to her name.

“Whenever we would see her that’s what she would do,” Spalenka said raising her arms in the air waving. “When I would come to the beach she'd say ‘Nancy’ or whoever it was. "

"She was the heart of this place,” said Joy’s friend Chris Ahrens. “I can honestly say no matter what was going on in my life I felt better when she was there."

Joy is the second surfer this week to die at Swami's Beach. Friday 61-year-old Kenny Mann's body washed ashore.

A master sander-- he was one of the founding members of Moonlight Glassing.

Joy's boyfriend Mark worked with him – Now he's coping with the death of two dear friends.

“I still walk in my room, reach for my phone and want to talk to her and say goodbye,” said Mark.

He says they’re organizing a paddle out for Joy in the coming weeks.

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