Down to Earth: The Good Shepherds

Good Shepherds Regenerative Land Management believes that healthy land leads to healthy lives and a local business is showcasing that at various locations around San Diego

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A herd of goats in a field in Rancho Santa Fe is drawing a lot of attention recently. It's called a "pop-up pasture" and it's just the latest of its kind around San Diego.

Good Shepherds Regenerative Land Management is essentially a traveling herd of goats and sheep that betters the earth. The Good Shepherds bring their grazing animals to public and private lands for the purposes of lifting spirits while reducing fire risk, poisonous weeds, prickly things, and other nuisances. 

The Good Shepherds believe that healthy land leads to healthy lives. By using animal husbandry, ecology, and agro-forestry, they specialize in regenerative land management that increases the health of the soil, clears pathways and fire fuel loads from the ground.

Other benefits of goats clearing excess vegetation include the elimination of invasive weeds (more effective than mowing), contours of the land for erosion and water retention, and the creation of a healthy tree and shrug canopy.

Previous projects have included a hill in El Cajon, but their last project is a rolling 11-acre field in Rancho Santa Fe.

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