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Down to Earth With Dagmar -The Extinction Crisis: Endangered Giraffe


Part 1

Giraffe numbers are plummeting across Africa and to see how scientists are working to help, NBC 7's Dagmar Midcap traveled to Kenya to join the largest ever giraffe collaring project. You’ll never guess where a collar goes on a giraffe.

Part 2

The first two reticulated giraffe were collared without major problems, but during these dangerous and intense events, anything can happen… And with our final giraffe, it does!

Part 3

The locals have a name for what’s happening in Africa with giraffe -- They call it "the silent extinction." So, what can be done?

Part 4

In the last few decades, world wildlife populations have declined by a startling 60%. The biggest mistake we as individuals can make is thinking that someone else is going to fix the problem.

It’s up to us as individuals and we can all help in some way.

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