Double The Cable Bill

NBC 7 Responds helps a Carlsbad woman get thousands back that she paid on a canceled cable account

Linda Poppenhusen said she canceled her AT&T cable account before moving into her new home in Carlsbad in 2016. Two years later, however, Linda said she found out otherwise.

After closing her account, Linda opened a new AT&T account at her new home. Two years later, after the contract expired, Linda called AT&T to try and get her bill down.

“The prices were just out of this world,” Linda told NBC 7 Responds.”I called them to renegotiate my bill and that’s when II became aware that I had two accounts, one was to my old address.”

Linda told the representative that she had canceled the account two years prior. She had returned the digital receiver, the internet modem and router, and the remote controls.

“But for some reason they never disconnected that and they were sending the bills to my old address for over two years.”

Both bills were on auto-pay but were taken from different accounts.

“One account was coming out on my credit card and the other directly from my bank account,” said Linda. “I never correlated the two, I just figured everything was correct.”

It wasn’t.

Instead, during the course of the two years Linda had paid over $4,100 on an account that she didn’t use and had canceled.

Linda called AT&T back and asked for a refund.

“The most if they were willing to do was to credit me for one month,” said Linda. “Well, this was over 24 months. And so I would go to the next supervisor and they would credit me another month go to the next supervisor.”

But Linda said AT&T stopped at three months of credits.

That’s when Linda decided to change course.

“I said, ‘You know what? I'm going to call Consumer Bob’. And, I'm going to do whatever I need to do until we get this resolved.”

NBC 7 Responds then contacted AT&T to tell them the Linda’s issue. Within weeks Linda got some good news.

“[NBC 7 Responds] moved mountains. I mean, within six weeks it was resolved and a check was in the mail.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for AT&T told NBC 7 that the company, “Worked with the customer to resolve this and the company apologizes for the inconvenience.”

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