Donuts and Coffee Provide Unexpected Lifeline to Jobless Military Vets

Military vets find transition from active duty to military life not easy

When Tali Burton returned home after his 11 years as a U.S. Marine pilot, he struggled to find a career niche.

"I tell everybody, on a Thursday I was flying helicopters for the Marine Corps; on a Friday I was sitting behind a desk for 12 hours wondering what I had just gotten myself into, " said Burton.

The Carlsbad veteran changed jobs multiple times before finding he had a passion for selling doughnuts and coffee. 

Burton now owns all 11 Dunkin’ Donut franchises in San Diego County but found his stores offer so much more than comfort food – they help military vets make that fragile transition from active duty to civilian life.

Burton added, "Most of the folks I know from the service are not from San Diego. It's a melting pot of all sorts of different cultures ...and Dunkin' can be a taste of home to a lot of those people." 

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