Man Arrested in Grossmont Center, Accused of Attacking Girlfriend Twice in 12 Hours

Officers fired hard plastic rounds in an attempt to break the car window

A man was arrested at a La Mesa shopping center Friday, accused of attacking his live-in girlfriend twice in 12 hours, police said.

The suspect fled the couple’s home in the Hyde Park area of Lake Murray Thursday evening after his girlfriend called police to report she had been strangled.

Then, early Friday, the man returned to the home and attacked the victim again, battering her and smothering her, according to La Mesa Police Lt. Michael Swanson.

Using OnStar, officers located the victim’s car at Grossmont Center, in the parking garage near the Target.

“Sitting in his vehicle he did not heed to any of our commands,” Swanson said.

Officers attempted to break out the car window using plastic rounds.

“Once we started that he opened up the door and came out of his own free will,” the lieutenant said.

No weapons were used in the domestic violence incident, Swanson added.

The victim and the suspect lived in the home with the victim’s two children.

The suspect, identified only as a 35-year-old man, faces domestic violence and theft charges.

Grossmont Center is located near the Grossmont Boulvard exit of Interstate 8. 

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