Dog Rescues Teen From Fire

Boy held on to dog's tail while she led the way to safety


A dog helped to rescue a 14-year-old boy from a dangerous house fire that happened early Tuesday morning in El Cajon.

The family dog led the boy to safety from the smoke and flames, according to resident Melinda Sell.

"His dog helped him get out, he said he held on to her tail because it was so much smoke it was hard to see, she kind of led him to the door,” she said.

But the pooch wasn’t the only hero.

Melissa Marcy, is the manager of Marsells Guest Homes, a Boarding Care Home for Developmentally Disabled Adults made several trips inside the home, trying to make sure her two children and the three residents made it out safely.

The home in El Cajon was actually a boarding care facility for developmentally disabled adults.  The manager, Marcy, is the one who risked her life to try and save others.

Sell said she's grateful everyone made it out and says her sister did what she had to do.

"She cares about each of the residents very much and it bothers her that she couldn't get her out sooner, yeah it really does, she doesn't think of herself as a hero at all.”

Sell said Marcy is expected to be okay.

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