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Pit Bull Rescued from Tight, Six-Foot-Deep Hole in San Ysidro

No one knew how long the Pit bull had been inside.

A Pit bull was rescued from a tight, six-foot-deep hole in San Ysidro on Tuesday, thanks to County Animal Services officers who rushed to help him. 

U.S. Customers and Border Protection officers called the County after someone reported seeing the dog in a hole at a construction site for a new pedestrian crossing. 

The dog could not dig his way out of the hole and couldn't gain enough traction to climb out. No one knew how long the Pit bull had been inside. 

Animal Control Officers Lewis Petersen and Joshua Nix found the dog trapped at the bottom of a narrow opening.

In order to save the dog, Officer Petersen had to slowly lower himself into the hole to help rescue the dog. 

The officer used a rope as a harness, and, with the help of Officer Nix and CBP officers, the dog was lifted safely and rescued. 

“Mind you, this dog weighs 89 pounds, so it was no easy feat to lift the dog out,” said County Animal Services Deputy Director Daniel DeSousa in a statement.

The dog was taken to the County's Bonita animal care facility and examined by veterinary staff. 

The 6-year-old Pit bull did not have identification. 

The dog will be held for three days to give his owner a chance to come forward and claim him.

If he is not claimed, the pup will be put up for adoption on Sunday, Feb. 5. 

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