Dog Found 750 Miles Away From Home

A Good Samaritan found her and brought her to the shelter.

It's a happy ending for a miniature pinscher that was found wandering the streets of Oceanside, a microchip helped the San Diego Humane Society and SPCA find her family 750 miles away.

The dog, Fadiddle, wandered away from her home in Salt Lake City, Utah nearly eight-months ago. After months and miles of travel, Fadiddle was brought to the Humane Society's North County campus as a stray by a Good Samaritan.

Shelter staff found Fadiddle was wearing a microchip and was able to quickly find her family. Last week, Sharelyn Cooper and her family got the call from the humane society saying they had found Fadiddle. By Saturday, a humane society staffer was on a plane to bringing Fadiddle home.

"I really thought we had lost her for good," Cooper said.

Cooper, who works close to the animal shelter in Salt Lake City, would frequently check the shelter looking for Fadiddle.

"She had just snuck out," Cooper said. The family figured she had gone down the street to play with the neighborhood kids. When they went to look for her she was gone.

"We had a hard time," Cooper said. "She's my baby."

Cooper says she isn't sure how Fadiddle disappeared, but suspects the dog was stolen.

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