San Diego

Reports of Dog Bites Up at Rady Children's ER

The number of dog bites reported to Rady Children’s ER and Urgent Care reached almost the 500 mark in 2016. In many of the cases, the dog involved was familiar to the victim, officials said.

And so, Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and the San Diego Humane Society are going to join forces Monday to get the message out about dog bites.

Dogs often give owners clues about things they like and don’t like, experts say. Often, even the owners misinterpret what a dog’s body language is conveying.

"Particularly children who are being bit they don't realize that their quick jerky movements might unsettle a dog," one dog owner told NBC 7. She asked to be identified as Illeane. "Maybe that is something to do with it, and maybe there are some dogs that are more aggressive than others."

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