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Dodgers Star Trevor Bauer on Administrative Leave After San Diego Woman Accuses Him of Sexual Assault

2020 National League Cy Young award winner placed on administrative leave by Dodgers on Friday

Warning: This article contains content of an adult nature and may not be suitable for readers of all ages -- Ed.

Police in Pasadena, California, are investigating an allegation of sexual assault against Los Angeles Dodgers star Trevor Bauer made by a San Diego woman who said she met the pitcher after exchanging direct messages on Instagram with him following a game at Petco Park.

An attorney for the accuser said the woman has obtained a protection order, which was executed on Monday. While Bauer has been served with the temporary restraining order, it should be noted that he has not been criminally charged.

On Friday, the team announced that the National League 2020 Cy Young Award winner was placed on administrative leave for a week in the wake of the assault allegations. The leave is for seven days under the joint domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse policy adopted by MLB and the players’ association in 2015 and can be the initial step leading to a longer suspension. The administrative leave has been extended for players under the policy in the past.

The protection order was the result of an “assault that took place at the hands of Mr. Bauer" where the woman "suffered severe physical and emotional pain," the San Diego woman's attorney Marc Garelick said.


Jon Fetterolf, Bauer's co-agent, disputed the allegations that Bauer committed any non-consensual violence. He said Bauer met the woman in April, and the two had “a brief and wholly consensual sexual relationship initiated” by the woman.

“Her basis for filing a protection order is nonexistent, fraudulent and deliberately omits key facts, information and her own relevant communications,” Fetterolf said. “Any allegations that the pair’s encounters were not 100% consensual are baseless, defamatory and will be refuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The two first came into contact, according to the woman's statement, when Bauer DM'd her after she tagged him on Instagram during a game this spring. She said Bauer invited her to his home in Pasadena a few days later, and she drove up to meet him in person. In the court document, the woman, who is in her 20s, said they spoke for several hours, then went to his bedroom, where they began to have consensual sex. She said Bauer became "slightly aggressive" during the act, and she replied to him that "it was OK to be 'a little rough' " when he asked, "What do you like?"

Later, the woman alleged, Bauer strangled her with her hair and she lost consciousness, waking later to discover that Bauer was performing a sexual act with her that she had not consented to. She said she asked him to stop, which he did. Sometime later, the pair resumed having sex, and, afterward, the woman said she realized she was bleeding. She said in court papers that she slept in Bauer's bed with him that night.

The following morning, the court documents allege, she told him she "did not enjoy when he commenced" the sexual act she had not consented to and that she left an hour after waking.

The pair DM'd on Instagram during the following weeks, the woman said, discussing baseball, her new job and "communicated in a sexual nature." The vast majority of the DMs that were screen-shooted in the filing were undated, but one thread appears to be dated May 4, at least a week after the first incident, and there seems to be no mention of the initial alleged attack contained within it. A large portion of that exchange seems to focus on the woman psychoanalyzing Bauer.


About three weeks after they met in person for the first time, the woman said, she returned to Bauer's home. After several hours of socializing, the woman consented again to having sex, with Bauer asking her to establish a safe word and asking what was off-limits, and she "told him to not put his fingers in my throat," which, according to the TRO filing, he had allegedly done during their first encounter. She said in the TRO statement that, considering her prior negative statements, she thought it was unnecessary to tell him she did not want to take part in the sexual act she had not consented to in their previous encounter

The woman said that about five minutes into the consensual sex, Bauer again allegedly choked her unconscious with her hair. She also said in her statement that, as she awakened, Bauer rolled her onto her back and began punching her face as he resumed having sex with her, hitting her several times, then flipped her over again and choked her a second time, again allegedly causing her to black out.

After she had returned to consciousness, he rolled her onto her back, she said in the court document, he opened her legs and repeatedly punched her in the genitals while she was crying and shaking, telling her repeatedly, "You're safe, I'm here. You're safe," "I would never do those things to you if it wasn't sexually" and, over and over, ""Talk to me. Can you just talk to me?' "

Bauer then went to shower, the woman said, and, despite the fact that she "was extremely anxious and terrified the remainder of the night," she spent the evening at Bauer's house because, she said, she felt unable to physically or mentally drive anywhere.

The following morning, the woman got up while Bauer was still sleeping and, just before she left, Bauer awoke and asked how she was feeling. She said she told him, "I'm fine," then she left and drove back to San Diego.

The woman detailed her alleged injuries in court papers as the following: "I had two dark black eyes and a completely swollen jaw and cheekbones. I had over ten dark red and scabbed scratches from fingernails on the right side of my face that covered my entire cheek and chin. The lower half of my left gums were bruised black. I had a large bump on the top left side of my head. My upper lip was split open and scabbing and I had a dark bruise covering the left half of my bottom lip. I had severe black bruising over the top of my vagina, and multiple bruises all over the right cheek on my butt."

When the woman returned to San Diego, she said in the TRO, she told at least one person she knew about the alleged incident as well as medical personnel at Alvarado Hospital when she went to the ER at 4 p.m. the following day. She also said she talked to at least four San Diego police officers about what happened, stating that she "attempted to downplay what occurred out of concern for my privacy and what my statements might lead to. I informed medical staff that my injuries were a result of 'rough sex.' I admitted to being 'choked out' and that Trevor was violent during sex."

She said she identified her attacker as a baseball player but that she did not name Bauer, saying that, at that time, she feared repercussions personally and publically and that she also feared a response by Bauer.

In the court documents, the woman said SDPD detectives subsequently took her to Palomar Medical Center Escondido for a sexual assault examination.

Photos of the woman included as exhibits with the restraining-order statement show apparent scratching on her face as well as two blackened eyes and bruised, swollen lips.

During their communications following the second alleged incident, many of which were screen-shotted and included in the TRO, the woman told Bauer she had seen a doctor and that she would be unable to work due to her injuries. Among other replies, Bauer texted her that "I feel so bad that this happened. Wish I could be there with you through it" and, she said, he offered to help her financially.

A few days following the second alleged incident, she said in court filings, she also spoke with a pair of detectives from the Pasadena Police Department, who, as part of their investigation, had her call Bauer, who she said had been texting her often to ask about her condition.

In a series of text messages between the woman and someone who is identified as Bauer in the TRO, he texted her to tell her he has been thinking about her and asked if she's doing ok. According to the woman, she replied [the following has been transcribed verbatim from the screen shots -- Ed.], "Hi TB [HEART EMOJI] I had a tough day yesterday was mostly just sleeping."

"Do you want to talk about it?" Bauer allegedly replied. "Here for you if you do and to help in any way I can"

"Yeah, honestly hearing your voice would help," the woman said she texted Bauer at the prompting of Pasadena police, adding, "Let me know when I can call [HEART EMOJI] "

Later, the woman texted Bauer, "They said the bruises/swelling on my face & jaw will be gone in about 1 week and then for the head symptoms i'm not sure probably a week ish too. Its better if just makes me want to sleep a looooot"

"I feel so bad that this happened. Wish I could be there with you," Bauer replies.

"Just grateful that you are showing that you care," came the reply

"I do. I absolutely do. Never want to see you hurting HEART EMOJI] HEART EMOJI]," Bauer allegedly responded.

In another exhibit, a transcription of a voice mail, the Dodgers star allegedly left a message on May 17, two days after the second incident, in which he told the woman, "Hey, just wanted to check in and see how you're doing. Um, obviously I'm worried about you so if you give me a text or call back whenever you have a chance I'd just like to talk to you …"

Since the events of this spring, the woman wrote in the TRO, she said, "I am scared and in fear," and that she was "deeply concerned that no arrest has been made or charges filed." She also said that she had been diagnosed with PTSD and was having difficulty eating and sleeping.

After the TRO was filed, Bauer's co-agent Fetterolf said the woman asked Bauer repeatedly for “rough” sexual encounters, demanding to be “choked out” and slapped in the face.

Fetterolf claimed Bauer and the woman remained friendly in text messages after their encounters. The attorney said Bauer became concerned and confused after the woman told him she had sought medical care for a concussion days after their second and final encounter.

Bauer and the woman haven't corresponded for over a month and haven't seen each other in six weeks, Fetterolf said.

Bauer's other agent, Rachel Luba, tweeted late Thursday: “As an agent and an attorney, I think it is important to reiterate that I will always defend my clients when I believe the accusations made are false — and I will continue to do that. I am privy to MUCH more information than what has been reported publicly at this time and am confident that the truth will come to light.”

For his part, the woman's attorney Garelick said, “Our goal is to keep Mr. Bauer from contacting our client in any way possible.”

Bauer joined his hometown Dodgers earlier this year with a $102 million, three-year contract. He was not with the team when the players met President Joe Biden at the White House on Friday to celebrate the World Series title they won last year.

Pasadena police spokesman Lt. Bill Grisafe confirmed the department is looking into accusations of an assault involving Bauer, but provided no additional details. A hearing in Bauer’s case is scheduled for July 23.

The Associated Press contributed to this report -- Ed.

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