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Documentary on Officer-Involved Shootings Focuses on PTSD

A new documentary that explores officer involved shootings also takes a look at what happens to the officers who go through such incidents.

The documentary is called Officer Involved by filmmaker, Patrick Shaver.

Shaver told NBC 7, the goal of the documentary is not to look at police shootings in the wake of protests, nor is it meant to take away from what happened to those who died as a result of lethal force.

Rather, the documentary tells the stories of men and women who made split second decisions to use deadly force that changed their lives forever, Shaver said.

“We really would like people to watch our film and say 'look at how human these people are,'" he said. “They do have emotions and there is a really procedural process that happens. The officer doesn't just go home.”

Shaver is on leave from his job as a police officer in Georgia, which he has had for five years.

According to his documentary, there have been “over 24 thousand miles traveled, over 90 interviews conducted to tell the story of what it means to be an officer involved."

“Police officers are prepared to take action, they're taught legal concepts, they are taught what to do in the moment; but they're not prepared for what happens after the shooting," Shaver said.

He added that he hopes to get the documentary distributed within six to eight months. In the meantime, he is holding private screenings, mostly for first responders and their families.

If you would like to request a private screening, click here.

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