San Diego

Dockless Bikes and Motorized Scooters Take Over Downtown During Comic-Con

More and more people are navigating downtown via dockless bikes this summer as a way to circumvent the Comic-Con traffic and parking problem.

Comic-Con is traditionally downtown’s busiest weekend, and scooter companies Bird and LimeBike confirm they have increased the number of scooters.

"This has been a new thing in San Diego, a lot of people are excited to ride them and try them out,” downtown resident John Pierce said. “No question it will be a challenge."

The biggest challenge for visitors may be learning the local scooter laws.

"I don't know the rules. All I know is they're here and they're a buck an hour, which is nothing, so,

We're from Nevada and there are no helmet laws there,” a tourist told NBC 7.

In San Diego, however, it is the law to wear a helmet while riding a scooter – and riders must be on the street, not the sidewalk.

San Diego police say, although it's not their top priority at Comic-Con,

they will cite riders not following the rules. - "What I want people to know is that if you choose to ride it, it's rider beware. If an officer sees you, you could get a ticket,” an SDPD officer said.

Riders are also not allowed to take scooters or bikes up to the convention center, and there are drop-off locations on either side of Harbor Drive.

Riders also need to be over 16 years old. 

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