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Not a Fan of the DMV? Now You Can Renew Your Registration at Ralph's

DMV Now self-service kiosks will soon be at 100 Ralph's locations across Southern California

There may be no worse feeling than realizing your registration is about to expire and you have to head to the DMV.

Well, relief is here, San Diegans. Now you can renew your registration at the same place you buy your groceries.

There are already 120 DMV Now self-service kiosks across the state, but San Diego just got its first at the Ralph’s in Carmel Valley.

The kiosk was just installed on Wednesday so not too many people know about it, but it’s already a hit.

“Horrible,” is how Perla Garcia described her last DMV visit.

“I made an appointment and the appointment took longer than it should have. So I was just there, looking at people and listening to the numbers,” Garcia said.

When she first heard about the DMV Now Kiosk she could hardly contain herself.

At the Carmel Valley Ralph’s, you’ll find it near the sushi counter right after the self-checkout line, between the Kingsford charcoal and the do-it-yourself key duplicator. Type in your information, swipe your card and your stickers come right out.

A Ralph’s spokesperson told NBC 7 the Ralph’s in La Jolla is getting a kiosk of its own in the next 10 days, and said the plan is to eventually have them in 100 locations across Southern California.

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