San Diego

District Finds High Levels of Lead in Education Center Water

High levels of lead found in water at San Diego Unified District headquarters

San Diego Unified officials have shut off some drinking fountains at district headquarters after high levels of lead were discovered in the water.

Bottled water is being provided to employees and the public at the Education Center, a district spokesman said.

Water was discovered at 18 parts per billion (ppb) at the Education Center in the 4100 block of Normal Street where the school board meets, a spokesman confirmed Tuesday.

The federal limit for lead in water is 15 ppb.


The district also discovered lead in drinking water at 25 ppb in an annex building at the Education Center.

An off-site administration building called the Revere Center tested with drinking water with 29 ppb.

Water was at tested at 207 schools on district property.

Results show 19 percent of the schools have some level of lead in the water.

Schools are required by the state to fix problems if they discover lead in water at levels greater than 15 parts per billion (ppb) in schools.

However, they are not required to test district office buildings or other district property.

A spokesman said the additional testing is something the district decided to do, beyond the state requirements, to make sure all employees and public have safe drinking water.

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