District Decides Not to Renew Charter for Skyline School

The school has operated under its charter for the last five years

Students protested outside of the Evangeline Roberts Institute of Learning Charter School in Skyline Friday.

The school, operating under its charter for the last five years, is not being renewed by the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD).

There are 172 children at the school, which must close by the end of June, the district says.

87 percent of the students, who come mostly from Encanto and Skyline, are low income and some are socially and emotionally challenged.

Last year during its renewal process the school was told it would not be renewed unless it met certain conditions, including updating its nonprofit status and showing the students are making academic progress.

The school’s principal says their nonprofit status was not updated by the deadline, but it has been corrected. She also says they have met the academic growth condition, something the district disputes.

“I’m going to stand firm, and I know what my kids did this year. So we're going to keep pushing back and forth until the fight can’t fight no more,” principal Shelia Malveaux said.

The California Association of Charter Schools says it is rare that a charter is not renewed or is revoked, but it does happen.

In California, 43 of the 1228 charter schools were closed in 2014 and 2015.

A charter might not be renewed for financial reasons, academic standards or bad management.

The district is not commenting due to pending litigation, as its decision could be appealed.

“I’m hoping for the best that they’ll be able to come back here,” Principal Malveaux said.

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