Disconnected AT&T U-Verse Service Leads to Collection Notices

A woman said she was sent to collections three times after canceling her cable and internet services and turning in all of the company’s equipment months prior.

“Honestly, I just got upset and said you know something, I’m not going to pay you,” Liz Groman said. “We took the equipment over, sent it back and we thought we were done. Four months later, we get a bill for $495.95.” 

The equipment was for Liz’s AT&T U-Verse cable and internet services. When Liz and her husband moved to a neighborhood outside of AT&T’s service area, she said they had to switch providers. Liz said she went into the AT&T store and a customer service representative called the company to cancel Liz’s service. 

After shipping her equipment to the company, Liz says she thought her job was done. 

“We don’t see anywhere that you called in and canceled the service,” Liz said AT&T told her. 

Liz said she was shocked because the company acknowledged they had received the equipment but was still trying to charge her for their services. Phone calls to the company went nowhere. Liz said she told AT&T the bills made no sense. 

“You have the equipment, we can’t use the service, why would we pay four or five months of service that we can’t possibly use,” Liz said. 

After receiving three bills from three separate collection agencies, Liz said she was over playing games. 

“That’s when I contacted NBC 7 Responds because they were not going to pay attention to me,” Liz said. 

NBC 7 Responds contacted AT&T and Liz said the next day, she received a call from the company’s executive office, offering to wipe the bill away and an apology. 

“I am so grateful and I can just recommend that anyone going through this kind of frustration, contact NBC 7 Responds because honestly the next day I got a call from the AT&T Office of the President saying they’re sorry,” Liz said.

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