North County Dia de los Muertos Altar Remembers DUI Victims

Fallbrook Library added an anti-drunk driving element to their annual Dia de los Muertos display

Among the hundreds of San Diego altars honoring the dead during this year's Dia de los Muertos, one was focused on those who have died in drunk driving collisions.

Fallbrook Library in North County puts up a Dia de los Muertos altar every year, but this year they decided to add to the annual tradition.

For this year's altar, the library invited members of the Fallbrook Youth Advocacy Coalition to set up and decorate this year’s altar. The Coalition works to reduce youth access to alcohol and other drugs in unincorporated areas served by the Fallbrook Regional Health District.

The Coalition reached out to the Fallbrook community and asked for photos of loved ones lost in drunk driving crashes, incorporating an anti-drunk driving message to their honoring of the victims.

Dia de los Muertos altars, called ofrendas, display a collection of objects in an offering for deceased loved ones.

“We have a tradition of bringing flowers, bread, food that they used to like, and water,” said Veronica Hernandez, member of the Fallbrook Youth Advocacy Coalition.

Dia de los Muertos is typically celebrated on November 2, which is this Saturday.

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